D.M.G is a Swiss Dj / Producer with Italian Roots born in St. Moritz.


The first time he stood behind turntables was 2005.

Massimo Gurini, today known as D.M.G, decided to pursue the djing intensively.

Various bookings for clubs, parties and other events followed.

In December 2013, d.m.g is building his own recording studio in St. Moritz. there he makes profound experiences with music such as the exact structure of songs, 

recording techniques and produces his own music.

In 2017 d.m.g founds his Own Radio Station.

The local TV station Enjoy St. Moritz was pleased with the radio concept and the result was D.M.G Enjoy Radio.

Although D.M.G has its roots in electronic music, he can fit into any imaginable party. With his instinct for 

party-willing guests, he always has the right track  ready to be played.

In 2018, D.M.G performs in front of a million people at the

Street parade in Zürich.

D.M.G is not only performing in Switzerland, he playes across the globe, meaning that D.M.G is also booked


D.M.G played in a tv show for fabric tv in milano.

Ibiza global radio invite D.M.g for a guestmix soon.

In march 2019, he flew to miami and played at miami music week after that el pacha Ibiza and ade amsterdam  is also confirmed .

The winter of 2018 is particularly exciting for D.M.G as he is engaged in the prestigious High Class Club Vivai in 

St. Moritz as Booking and Event agent. 

What sets D.M.G apart is his fable for old hits packaged in a powefull remix that awakens lots of wow


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